RA:  …RA:  Turquoise and maroon? Seriously?

RA:  Turquoise and maroon? Seriously?

  1. ramdomaxes answered: Rarity: Remember he is a potential customer.
  2. mt666 answered: The color of berries, whats wrong with that?….mmm….berries
  3. itsdralicorn answered: Oh, this cant end well
  4. secondvendetta answered: He can’t help his colors, Rarity. You’re a genious, work with it.
  5. ask-darth-biomech answered: That mannequin looks awfully like SlenderPony. I’d very slowly walked out of building not turning my back to it.
  6. nealend answered: Ask her if she has any better color ideas.
  7. askruerue answered: What? what’s wrong with it?
  8. toadrakua answered: *ahem* TEAL!
  9. skultech answered: Look out she’s going to steal your legs!
  10. yttrislanthane answered: It’s TEAL :<
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  12. rosexwing answered: He can’t help it Ms. Rarity,he was born like that
  13. quietcub answered: You know, a good orange and pink could combo well with your skin tome and hair color. Might ask for a makeover?
  14. lastenline said: You’re about to get a crash course in fashion. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
  15. fetch26291 answered: If they were right next to each other. But Coppercog has the nice silver separating them, so it works.
  16. lightningflashthehyperpegasus answered: What’s Wrong with Those Colors?